UW Executive Master of Public Health

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[Muhammad] I want to work with patients, but in the same time I want to benefit the community where I live in. [Daniel] When you graduate from the MPH program, you really have this idea, this vision that your education is meant to be giving back to the community — and not just locally, not just nationally, but internationally. [Donna] The University of Washington is a top-ranked school of public health; we're in the top 10 across the country. And our program is a cross-disciplinary program, meaning that our faculty come from departments across our School of Public Health. We also draw faculty from the public health practice community.

[Daniel] So the curriculum for the UW MPH program, executive program, is two years. You go through a broad array of coursework: epidemiology, statistics courses, global health, health services, health management. It's definitely a program that allows you to focus on what you really want to focus on for public health. [Donna] We have required course on leadership and management, we have a required financial management course, a public health policy course. [Daniel] There's a major social justice component to the program, with classes like global determinants of health and racial disparities and research, and I think that’s a little bit rare to find in a health curriculum. [Donna] If we don't look at who are the most vulnerable and why they're the most vulnerable and what interventions are needed, not just within the health sector but within the broader society, then we're missing the boat. [Muhammad] I think that the main motivation for me to come to this program that it's a blended program, trying to combine both, the on-site sessions with the online sessions together.

And I like that because we have to come here to Seattle every three months for about a week, and then we spend time with my classmates and I spend time with the professors and the teachers. [Donna] The fact that our students come from such various backgrounds and bring so much with them to the classroom, whether it’s the in-person classroom or the virtual classroom. And there's so much opportunity to learn from each other. [Muhammad] In my class we have an attorney, we have doctors, we have a gynecologist and we have also an epidemiologist, we have researchers. [Daniel] One of the best parts is when you graduate, you maintain contact with those people, and I still talk to those people in my class on a pretty regular basis. Questions about research, questions about what you think about this policy.

It really helps, I think, in your career as you move forward to have those relationships. [Donna] Many of our alumni have gone on to become managers or direct public health agencies, become research scientists, become health education specialists — and those are just a few examples. [Muhammad] I've learned a lot from this program. I've learned a lot from the classmates.

UW Executive Master of Public Health

I've learned a lot from teachers who are helping us to expand our knowledge and to make us better every day. [Donna] I'm really proud of our alumni because I know that they’re making a huge difference in improving population health and reducing inequities in health.

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