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Welcome to the Writing Lab

Then we talking about last last papers why coming here the great assignment i Dessay and then we discussed about it on hand how we can change it in a better way and what is the mistakes and how we can fix it come face hello my name is anita by jerusalem i'm the head of the writing lab patel university the Writing Lab Mohammed welcome to the Writing Lab awesome welcome to the Writing Lab I am beyond everything I'm writing specialist from Sweden my name isn't anshel on I'm lecture and writing specialist here in love I hope that you sorry mr. Spinelli one can fuck man and the lab homework sissippi Dellavedova media its focal antenna is detective to arise in a universality I you work it in the happily dama good morning my name is kept calling I have been a teacher with the foundation program since 1993 it's the first time that I'm going to be a member of the writing lab I'm very excited to help writing students particularly never once students well difficult problems at this level they really need time they need focus and they need that one-on-one attention which I am happy to give my name is Bill I'm the writing specialist on the veil campus we're located in the mail activities building on the ground floor and you're welcome to see us anytime can i reward on sentence well I mean the material is good we just put it you could save it and maybe you could put that in another part of your essay welcome to the student learning support center and key you my name is Morgan dolman and director of the center at the SLS you provide a variety of academic support programs and services for students under the umbrella of the SLS see we have two units the academic support unit and the writing lab we are in the activities building based on the female campus in the mail campus that I think specialists do not fix that the page especially the papers they are help they are helping me to find the mistakes and rewrite it we did not write your paper for you you cannot come and drop off your paper and come in the morning and want to pick it up and you cannot come to us with a blank paper and give us a problem say that now what should i do we do not a teacher grammar we do not teach you miss session and we do not proofread your paper or the CVS or things that you're submitting to other places or either companies or other organizations we just help you with your writing assignment and we help you understand the points better that they've teacher wants from you the first session we always look at your big picture you. Okay, if you understood the prom correctly if you have answered the paper according to the prom that was given to you the following sessions will look at more detail as we're looking for your sentence structures correct for every writing to really come out nicely you need at least two sessions with us first I'll make appointment yr9 by Mike you then I came here to waiting before maybe 10 minutes before the appointment in order to make that five minutes should go to black and white fuck you gotta leave a key way you will log in with your University email username and password click login based on your level you will find out the different columns foundation levels post foundation and undergraduate or if you are interested in having an IELTS package or if you want an Arabic writing conference the there are free slots here as you see a lot of Accession online later 14 son at eleven thirty in the morning with Miss Piazza write my name written on visit I enter my mobile number choose the other post omniscient undergraduate college professor pharmacy and I say safe I will see the email from the rising lab saying that I have a session giving me the details of my session I strongly emphasize that you make your appointment a week in advance.

You make sure that there is a spot available in the occasion that i do not have any slot available please walk over to us or call us and we'll try our best to find you something but there is no guarantee that there will be any slot available from last semester we started a warning system and the warning system works in a way that if you make an appointment with us and you know show up to your appointment without a prior notice you will receive an email from us that breeze and your first warning if you receive your second warning that means you cannot make an appointment with us for one month and if you receive a warning that means that your third warning that means you cannot make an appointment good for the whole semester at the end of the.

Your teacher will receive an exception romance and then associate is specifically means that the names of the students of that class what means the first second or third sessions with the writing lab we have put a lot of nice materials of mana online writing lab website for the students to use these services are also good for those who are visually challenged they can listen to our free materials on the go there is a list of good writing websites for you to also take advantage of and there is a list of good audio materials and audio podcasts we decided why not of some fun lines for the students both on the male side and FEMA side peut-être is writing a specialist or faculty will they get them in these lines you can call you can just ask questions like. Okay, can I reach my sadness to you and you see if I need a comma or a semicolon in the sentence the person who's in charge of our twitter has sent out over four hundred trees in the past few months and the tweets are topics like confusing words like air and they're on Facebook began advertise for our workshops and if you guys have any questions you can always send us the question within less than 24 hours we'll get back to you what the teachers can do is give a student a referral form that can be found on our website on their faculty a lot of times we go to the classes and we give a 10-minute presentation about our services and we support of the students to the Writing Lab.

Please feel free to bring your students as a group to us we can give them a tour of the Writing Lab the journal training is offered by mr. meyen salad who is the unit head of the Academy support the unit and is a certified teacher trainer the peer tutors are from among your friends.

You know them you trust them my name is sarah and i am volunteering in the writing lab i am volunteering because writing helped me to improve my skills I got high marks I only see this improvement and that because first of all my teachers and the second is the writing lab we also offer Writing Lab in Arabic which we started last year as it was a dare American has some very good resources for you to use while you're writing your dissertation research paper in Arabic you can also walk to the door and look at our services check them out here check this book what it is called writing a lot more quote of the week there is a little bit of information as how to use the sport coat. This is the bar code that can take you either to our workshop schedule or to some nice writing a solution also just with simple firing story we can use different programs to scan this bar code red laser keyword Royd are just a few countries any of the study a lot to look at paragraphs and have it as a PowerPoint as PDF on your phone the download is complete you can choose which program you want to look at it there want to look at it with here it is the Finnish novel paragraph given price of a paragraph.

You will have access to different things that have on the website one of the newest initiatives in the writing lab that we have done for the students is the launch of our Q you write a web app by having this app we can make appointments with us we can go to our different social Hawks you have access to our Twitter Facebook events and workshops have to contact us writing resources information about the writing lab and its location and the best of all have to make appointments with us.

You can make appointments with us from your phone from the computer you go to a play store or google play or market or wherever you buy your apps from click on it and do a search for qu Writing Lab one word it's a free of as you can see.

You click on the app you find the install option install the app you need to accept and download you can read the information in the bottom about the app click an activity is installed you click on the map and openstack you your item operate we have observed amazing improvement a lot of students to come and have such as well as we dominate you don't know and that's because of the writing lab you know they helped me to improve my skills and they are.

Nice here to help you whether you have any questions regarding any issues relating to the writing trust us come to us ask for help we have very wonderful hard working people or pouring their hearts out there.

Friendly to answer the questions and. This is the most important thing I mean you can email them you can call them you can find them anywhere here.

Please get benefit from the writing lab free is for you we're here to help you and you will help us to buy a giving God should feed back and telling us what we're doing well and what we should do better I'll see you soon you're not.

Please students come along here and try the writing lab it's free friendly and slots of fun you.

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