What Can You Do With a Major In - Environmental Science/Geology

By: UNC Charlotte Career Center

Hey everyone. This is Rachel and. This is your 60-second wcidwami for environmental science & geology. So with environmental science one of the common areas for that population to go into would be waste management.

You could work for the environmental protection agency or some other type of government affiliation you could also go into playing and conservation and work for sustainability firm or serve as a consultant for various water or air quality companies with geology that pairs really well with energy related careers and that can translate to oil fields and petroleum companies like BP you can also have a more hands-on role in working environmental geology career where you can study sedimentology or oceanography with various engineering firms or government agencies.

There's a lot of different paths that you can take your geology or environmental science degree.

To learn a little bit more about any of these industries that we talked about or other options for your career stop by the Career Center make an appointment with your career advisor.

What Can You Do With a Major In - Environmental Science/Geology

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