What is Human Centered Design? - Carol Righi, PhD

By: 1904 labs

What happens when a person sits in front of a computer and tries to use it? What is their interaction with the machine? How are they interpreting what they see? How do they negotiate with the screen? And with the keyboard? And the other elements of the application to make it do what they want to do? Human centered design is bringing all the pieces of a product together for the user so that it forms one complete total user experience. That includes the interface. It includes the code. Hardware. Software. And beyond that things like the service for the product, being able to purchase it if it's something that a consumer would purchase, being able to use it on a day-to-day basis, being able to learn it. Basically, the entire user experience. 1904labs is serious about making sure that human centered design is part and parcel of all of its deliverables.We're very much integrated in the teams.

We're not a bolt-on or an afterthought. We're really closely working with all of the developers to make sure that the human centered aspects of the tools are considered from day one. The development process is actually faster when you employ human centered design because the designs are being worked out before the developers actually start coding it. It replaces an emphasis on technology and code over the needs and wants of the user.

What is Human Centered Design? - Carol Righi, PhD

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