Why did you choose Lakehead University?

By: Lakehead University

Well, what made me chose lakehead was Actually my teacher from High school She actually went here and she basically convinced me and told me that like it's an amazing school With like lots of opportunities to do whatever you want. You can grow as a person And that's what kind of what I wanted to do in going to University [I] Originally found out about Lake heading grade Eleven before I was even applying for different school and.

Then when I came up to visit Lakehead and I really liked the vibe here the nature is beautiful The Air is really nice to take in and the people are really sweet too. So I know have a good time I chose lakehead because It was really really good for my program I'm in outdoor Rec with biology and it's really It's a much better atmosphere for the program I wanted because you canttake outdoor recreation in the City. I'm in the Outdoor Recreation parks and tourism program and it's one of the best in Canada So there is small class sizes.

It's really easy to learn and really engage with your teachers and [the] other students I'm a nursing student.

We have we have labs.

Why did you choose Lakehead University?

We have just 20 people and it's super hands-on and Lots of learning and it's beautiful up here you.

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