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[ Music ] >> Hello, I'm Leslie Saito-Liu, English instructor at West Valley College. Have you ever found yourself wondering how to get started on a writing assignment, or even wondering what that writing assignment is asking you to do? How about just wanting some feedback on your writing? Or the writing process itself? We provide free tutoring for all students, in any class, on any class assignment at West Vally College. Our peer tutors are here, they're ready and eager to work with you at any phase of your writing process. We also provide a variety of workshops on topics such as understanding essay prompts, MLA and APA documentation and formatting, applying to UCs, applying for scholarship essays, and editing and proofreading, among other subjects. English faculty create and teach the 20 to 30 minute workshops, and usually afterward, there's time for one-one-one assistance if you'd like to work with a peer tutor.

We have computers available for your writing and research needs, and you can print at the Writing Center for a per-copy fee. To use the Writing Center, get help from a peer tutor, or attend one of our workshops, you need to bring 2 things each semester. One, your student ID, and two, a completed LS110 E form. This form is filled out by you, and also by a counselor or an instructor. One referral form is all that you need to get help for an entire semester. Once you bring those materials to the Writing Center, we'll help you get started with the registration process. We hope that we'll see you soon at the Writing Center.

We look forward to working with you, and we wish you lots of success this semester, and in the semesters to come. [ Music ].

Writing Center

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