Writing Cover Letters : How to Write a Medical Assistant Job Cover Letter

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Hi, I'm Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems, located in St. Petersburg Florida, giving you some tips and techniques on how to write a cover letter for a medical assistant. Several things we want to make sure we include, our address, today's date, any employer information, and also a subject line or reference line in there for the position that you're applying for. The most important part though of the cover letter, will come in the body, and it will start with paragraph one that will say why are you writing this particular cover letter. You want to make sure that you include some reasons why you enjoy being a medical assistant, why you chose that as a career or a profession. You then will move on to why are you qualified. If you've had some extensive training, make sure that you put that there. If most of your training has been on the job, make sure you include some key words like, "I'm a fast learner", "I love doing things differently", "I love working with people".

As a medical assistant, you are key to making sure that that office runs efficiently, you need to translate that in your cover letter, and don't forget to summarize and close. And I'm sure that you will get that next job to that next level which will be your resume being reviewed, and an interview. My name is Gloria Campbell, with Advantage Training Systems, located in St. Petersburg Florida.

Writing Cover Letters : How to Write a Medical Assistant Job Cover Letter

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