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Welcome to the global student success our workshop. My name is Karl Reynolds and I want to the full time faculty here in the annual global program, and today I'm going to be talking about writing time essays with you There are two types have written communication actually two types of communication with two different goals the first one is where we create a context where the reader can figure out what the main point is the other type is where we create a context but we tell the reader what the main point is now which typeof style do you think is more appropriate in college writing in the United States well it would be the second lower recreate the context but we tell the reader exactly what the main point is and when writing a timed essay. This is very important to keep in mind because you need to tell the reader everything well the writing process is I am is it takes place in both kinds of writing prepared writing and also in writing a time essay in this like we see that there are ten steps and the writing process that takes a covers a time line up maybe one to two weeks you have to search for a topic after you found your topic you need to develop some research questions after you consider those research questions you revise the questions into more interesting and focused in answer both questions and this takes a little bit of time perhaps with the help of your fellow students are your instructor once you've got that completed you move onto crafting a thesis statement and. This is where you make a claim and you support your claim with reasons and. This is the specifically most important part of your written essays to have that clear thesis statement next you search for clear and supported evidence for your thesis in your claim and that takes long time that's part of the research process where you go to the library where you re a lot of different articles you also are looking for contradictory evidence evidence that goes against what you're claiming and that also take some time what you got that done you organize your thesis and evidence into a format that the route that the reader will understand you prepared were first draft based on that and based on that the back from your peers and your instructor you you're able to revise it and to submit it again finally you prepare a second draft and you revise the grammar the vocabulary and things like progression and on that wonderful day you hand in your paper and you're all done with that well that's great if you have one or two weeks but when you're in the TOEFL test you only have about 30 minutes to do this whole process.

Let's see take a look and see how we can kinda cut it down a little bit first the ball we don't need to find a topic anymore the topic has been given to you in the in the a question for the for the composition so what you're doing is you will need to develop research questions well you wanna you want it look into the question and find out several different answers to the question you don't need to revise this because you don't have time you only looking for possible answers to the questions and looking for the best one among the alternatives.

You can skip step 3 and go on to Step 4 where your answer to the question will be in the form but. This is a statement and the thesis statement again makes a claim about something and gives reasons to support that claim you can forget about steps 5&6 during the 30-minute timed essay because both of those you don't have time for and you don't have the resources available to you in the exam room.

You move move on to number seven which is organizing your thesis and evidence into a format that the read or understand this generally involves writing and outline from that you can prepare your first draft which will probably be your only draft in a 30-minute essay and revise it for focusing organization you can take a look at it again and perhaps revise it a little bit more on a second look and finally proofread it one more time and submit it before the 30 minute time limit.

Writing Timed Essays SD Small   WEB MBL H264 900

Let's see what this outline ends up looking like there are only five steps here you develop your research questions or more specifically a research answers I guess to the research question considering various answers to that essay question once you've decided on the one that you think is the best you can craft that this a statement with the claims and the reasons choose the best answer from your research questions to make it to your thesis statement and frame it into the form of claim plus reasons and this gives you a natural format to complete your essay you can organize your thesis and evidence into an outline where the each paragraph is up one piece of evidence evidence piece number one evidence piece number to an evidence piece number three and then from there it's very easy to turn your outline into the essay number four you prepare a first draft you revise it as you write and finally number five you proofread it.

What's the timing everybody's looking at the clock during a timed essay and it seems like as soon as the clock strikes that the top of the hour everybody starts writing right away but let's take a look at the timing a little bit more carefully I suggest you read the question and brainstorm several answers and take about three minutes to do that after those three minutes you'll be able to choose amongst the answers that you've you've identified and get the clearest one specifically the one with the clearest reasons that you take another three minutes.

Now you're down to 24 minutes and you begin to sweat a little bit but don't worry you're almost there you got out you can now turn your answer into a thesis statement with an identifiable claim about the question and related reasons to support your claim this 1i would give about five minutes on because. This is probably the most important sentence up your whole essay I would get this about five minutes once you've got that clear statement moving on to Step 4 you can turn that out you can compose the outline and then turn that into a five paragraph essay.

Taking three minutes to make a nice outlined with one earth to her words on each section would be a good investment of your time.

When it comes to number five translated the outline into a five paragraph essay it's very straight forward to do and you have time to think about the words and the phrases that you'll use I would give that about 12 minutes finally you need to give yourself some time at the end whenever I've gone to the exams I C student right students writing until the very last moment.

Give yourself about four minutes at the very end to check on your your most common grammar errors and that would be perhaps your verb tenses and your verb subject agreement.

You're outline which is what you're turning your thesis statement into would have these five different paragraphs your introductory paragraph with the thesis statement which is the answer to the question X is why is your claim because a BNC are your reasons and make this very clear. This is the second you need to revise and make it that the clearest sentence in your whole essay your first body paragraph will take whatever your reasons AB or C and turn that into an a whole paragraph with the topic sentence at the beginning and with evidence examples and a transition in fact all three body paragraphs follow the same format the only paragraph that will be different is your final paragraph to conclusion where you restate your thesis and summarize your evidence.

One puts a couple pieces about vice that I can give you is when you're going head to do. This is to organize your reasons into some sort of a logical or transparent manner to improve the progression of the essay try to link the reasons in some way that will be clear to the reader or that will help the reader understand your point number two do not invent or makeup statistical evidence the graders have the essay know that you're in a room with no access to the Internet or a library.

When we receive essays the tell us about statistics that you've just dreamed up it doesn't look good for your Sanu made counted down because at that thirdly evidence should take the form of an example but right upright provide examples that go beyond your personal experience on what people do in general or what people your age doing that sort of thing by talking about yourself too much it makes you sound like a more elementary writer an email elementary user of the language so look for examples be on your personal experience if possible and finally you don't need to provide an elaborate introduction to your essay we know what the question is we gave it to you.

I wouldn't provide I would spend a lot of time with backgrounder and that sorta a information it's beginning I would get directly to answering the question which would be that a thesis statement so here we have a practice question many americans have assumed that they have the right to privacy in this increasingly connected world our privacy is being challenged in many new ways for examples authorities were able to identify the alleged Boston Marathon bombers from store surveillance video footage from stores alongside the bomb sites proponents have increased security claim that our right to privacy is less important in situations like this those people who support privacy over increased security claim the privacy is right is the right easily lost and difficult to reclaim.

This is giving us the background to the question then the question comes in the form of a prompt in a one or two page essay support or reject the proposition that increased security is more important than the right to privacy be sure to support your claims with evidence or examples in addition mention one on result difficulty your position entails your essay will be graded according to how well you answer the question how to organize the essay is how clearly connected the ideas are and how closely the language follows the conventions up written academic English.

In the second part here we've given you are are grading criteria you need to answer the question that we asked you need to organize your essay preferrably in five paragraphs you need to clearly connect the ideas especially in the body part your essay and you need a course to follow grammar rules and spelling rules and English.

The grading criteria we really look at many students if they don't understand the question they end up answering a question that they do understand and that your strategy if you really don't understand the question that was asked proceed as if you do and answer a question we need to have an essay number two in your organization there should be paragraphs to correspond to the main ideas I've suggested that you link each reason in your thesis statement 21 at the body ideas body paragraphs in your essay number three how does the essay flow are the ideas linked in a clear way are there good transition words and phrases remember you need to connect your ideas for the reader in this culture we need to explain specifically to the reader what to expect and what's coming up.

By linking your ideas with transition words really helps that and finally grammar what's is what everybody thinks about when they think about getting there essays graded we're looking at grammar we're looking at a variety of sentence types and we're looking for appropriate and sophisticated for capillary.

These are the criteria that we use in grading and I hope that these will help you in writing your thirty minute timed essay a few final words here remember that the timed essay is not a race to see how many words you can ride to 30 minutes it's a measurement love your writing skills.

Its quality that counts not quantity think about things before you write them down put them in a way that the reader can understand number two. This is an opportunity to show what you know.

It's not a time to experiment with new vocabulary are complicated grammar at this point I think you need to stick with what you know and finally number three definitely save some time to reread your work and revise those four minutes at the end where you proofread your essay will be invaluable and I guarantee you'll find at least two or three errors that you be able to correct before you find it handed. Okay, thank you very much for your time and I hope that the olive successful in writing your thirty minute timed essay.

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